My Search For the Ivory Billed Woodpecker
The Tiger Bay Area

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The Tiger Bay State Forest in Volusia county is only 27,383 acres, it is however, situated amidst a vastly larger area of land that is ultimately several hundred thousand acres of forest and wetlands. Further to the northeast is the Tomoka basin.
You can access the wildlife management area and forest via US-92 between Deland and Daytona. Venturing in here though only offers you a smidgeon of what lies north.
I had mentioned the Tiger Bay area in the "About Me" section of these pages, I used to live on the west side of Daytona back when these forests extended right up to the city limits. Jimmy Ann Drive was the farthest west road, it used to be a dirt road. A dirt 11th street would go to I-95 and beyond that was wonderful wilderness. Of course now, 11th street is paved and many acres of Wilderness has been removed to put in the LPGA property and municipal stadium.
To the east of 11th street is only sad and tragic in my mind, for it is here that roads and businesses have been built to support the money machine that is Nascar.
It was back when I was a boy that all of this land supported the Ivory Bill according to my neighbor. And it was the annual fires that killed the trees that they got their food from.
I have been interested in this region for many years, the florida panther has been captured on film in the water recharge area.



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