My Search For the Ivory Billed Woodpecker
Some updated stuff

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Well here it is november (2007). There hasn't been any earth shattering public information about our bird. I guess the people who spend the most time in the field being productive have learned to stay out of the circus limelight. At least they stay off line for the most part.
I've been running into birder type people alot in the green swamp in central fl. I guess once someone published a forum entry giving the name of a wildlife guy and his admission of seeing said bird it verified it enough to make the trip.
I guess the birds have been turning up in alot more places than most thought. Or not.
I've been concentrating on a lovely little spot north of green swamp and a bit more cut off and isolated than any place I've been,,but at least you can enter without fear of being arrested for tresspassing.
Maybe the film will be released someday soon too, archiving is such a selfish thing.
Anyway, I'm out looking, feel free to e-mail me.

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